Best Tablet Laptop Combinations: Top Convertible Laptops Revealed

Best Tablet Laptop Combinations: Top Convertible Laptops Revealed

Are you struggling to make a firm decision between a new tablet PC or a bulky laptop? Well, there is a middle ground. Introducing convertible laptops: a laptop which is equipped with a touchscreen, which in some cases is completely detachable from the computer.

These hybrid laptop/tablet combinations generally don’t have old school things like disc drives for DVDs. Instead, they allow you access to virtual stores giving you access to download hundreds of thousands of movies. The further into the future we go, the smaller, faster, and cheaper technology will get, and these convertible laptops are clear evidence of that.

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Convertible Laptop

  1. Convertible laptops are as portable as tablets with the power of laptops.
  2. Taking notes in school has never been easier. You can literally write on the screen with some models.
  3. Get instant access to all the popular tablet apps and games.
  4. Laptop tablet hybrids are very user friendly thanks to the touch screens.
  5. Take off the screen to lay in bed and read from the tablet portion.
  6. Remove the keyboard to give your kids a sharable movie machine on long road trips.
  7. To avoid having to choose between a tablet and a laptop. Just get both.


Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Perhaps the most well known laptop tablet combination is the Microsoft Surface Pro. It may not be the first laptop tablet hybrid, but it most definitely is the most advertised. Commercials focus on the ability to have a keyboard connected to a tablet in such a way it only requires a fun *click* to connect the two.

The Surface features a 10.6-inch 1080p display for crystal clear viewing of movies and games, as well as a stylus pen to navigate and draw on the screen itself. It comes packed with front and rear facing cameras for pictures, video, or Skyping capabilities so you can chat with friends and family as well as see them.

You can add extra memory storage by using the built in MicroSD slot as well as transfer your work using the full sized USB port.

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The Surface runs a tablet version of Windows 8, which allows you to have the same experience as you would on your main computer but also use it on the road. The rubberized keyboard gives you a smooth experience typing out a memo or sending an email to someone without having to tap on the screen if you’re not comfortable using a virtual keyboard yet.

Compared to a normal laptop, the Surface has the same amount of power and memory with 4GB of ram for fast navigation and 128GB of memory for a large amount of storage.

The only downfall of this machine is the fact that it weighs quite a lot due to the rugged but durable build quality, and holding it for long periods of time would be difficult. Other than that, it’s a great tablet laptop combination for only $999 – one of the cheapest options available at this kind of quality.


ThinkPad Twist

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

The first noticeable difference between the Surface and the ThinkPad is the amount of storage that comes with them. The Surface comes with 128GB of memory storage built in, while the ThinkPad has 320GB, more than twice that of the Surface. They both run the same Windows 8 system, but the ThinkPad has a 12.5-inch screen versus the 10.6-inch on the Surface, giving you a much larger viewing area.

A big point for the ThinkPad is the longer battery life, giving you 8-hours of viewing and work versus just a couple on the Surface. If you want a laptop combination that looks and feels like a laptop but with touch and mobile features, then you’ll probably want the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist, after all, its only about $790 compared to the $999 of the Surface.



Razer Edge Pro

Razer Edge Pro

When people think of tablets, they generally don’t think of hardcore gaming, but the Razer Edge Pro allows the aspiring gamer to go on the move and mobile with their favorite titles without a loss of quality or performance. While it’s more of a gaming console-tablet combination and less of a laptop-tablet mix, its still revolutionary in the ways of the future for video games.

Right now, the only mobile gaming platforms with a name are the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Vita, but neither boasts the big screen and performance of an actual gaming console like the Xbox or PlayStation. The Razer Edge encompasses a 10.1 multi-touch HD display that allows you to play any PC game of your choosing without any loss in quality.

Razer Edge Pro

It runs on Windows 8 with a very powerful Intel i7 Dual Core processor giving you the experience you have on your big screen TV on a perfectly sized screen fit for a road trip or simply on the go. But if gaming isn’t your style, it still has the ability to download any application shared by other Windows 8 tablets and be used as a high quality work machine with it’s attachable keyboard and mouse via USB slots.

There are multiple attachments you can purchase for your Edge such as gaming controllers that fit perfectly on the sides of your tablet so your fingers don’t get in the way on the screen, as well as the ability to use an Xbox controller to use for games. All of this comes to you for a base price of $999 for the 64GB version.

This thing is a powerhouse. Gamers only.


Buy a Convertible Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Today

Laptop-tablet combinations may be the way of the future as technology progresses and continues to bridge the gap between mobility and power.

Choose from the 3 big name laptop tablet combos mentioned above for our personal favorites.