Discover the Best Tablet for Seniors

Discover the Best Tablet for Seniors

The internet has transformed the world.

I’m often hearing about a desire to “learn how to use a computer” from the 50+ crowd who never learned on their own through work, school, or have since forgotten as the technology has grown more advanced.

98% of the time these people aren’t truly wanting to learn how to use a computer; they’re actually expressing their desire to join modern society on the internet.

Tablets Make Using the Internet Simple

I recommend seniors, or anybody brand new to computers, to buy a tablet when making an introduction to the internet.

3 Reasons Seniors Should Buy a Tablet

1. Everything is 1 touch away. Tablets remove the entire process of learning mouse and keyboard basics. Instead, everything is controlled by your hands on a touchscreen interface, something everybody has interacted with at some point in their life. It won’t be long until you’ve mastered all the various touch commands tablets are capable of accepting.

2. Easy to stay out of trouble. You don’t need to worry as much about complex viruses and malicious websites when using a tablet if you stick mostly to dedicated applications. There’s considerably more margin for error on a tablet then there is on a traditional computer.

3. Truly portable. Even more portable than a laptop, you can carry your tablet throughout your house, or outside on the porch. The only cable you will need to keep track of is your charger.

Top 10 Things Seniors Can do on a Tablet On Their Own

  1. Check and monitor weather across the world.
  2. Stay updated to the second with instant news reports.
  3. Play games like solitaire, snake, pac-man, checkers, chess, and other old favorites.
  4. Send and receive emails with family and friends.
  5. Live video chatting with family and friends.
  6. Discover new recipes.
  7. Create and print documents.
  8. Watch videos and movies, listen to music.
  9. Take and view photos, send and receive them to family and friends.
  10. Find interesting local events nearby.

The Best Tablet for Seniors – Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle Fire HDX for Seniors

The Kindle Fire HDX is the best tablet for seniors – here’s why:

  • Extremely easy to use interface powered by Fire OS 3; a custom wrapper built on an Android foundation designed to make especially easy for beginners to quickly pick up and understand.
  • All the power you could possibly need, and plenty of storage options to keep all your music, movies, and photos saved.
  • Access to over 100,000 apps and games, plus easy to access content for Amazon Prime subscribers

More importantly than all of this, the Fire HDX has the perfect feature for anybody at the beginning stages of learning how to use the internet…

Get live on-demand customer support with the Kindle’s “Mayday” button. Pressing the Mayday button will connect you to an Amazon expert who can see your screen, but they can’t see you.

These support specialists can draw instructions on your screen to walk you through solving any problems you have, or simply do it for you.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how the Mayday button on the Kindle Fire HDX works:

The Mayday button is built in to the Kindle Fire HDX, and costs no additional charge to use.

Get Your Kindle Fire HDX for Seniors Today

Ease of use and accessibility are two of the most important features for anybody new to technology, and the Kindle Fire HDX accommodates both of these needs.

The Mayday functionality is a cherry on top of the perfect opportunity the HDX offers to anybody looking to get on the internet for the first time.

You can buy the Kindle Fire HDX straight from the source here.