Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Paperwhite: Kindles Compared

Kindle Fire Vs Kindle Paperwhite: Kindles Compared

World, Meet eReader

The original Kindle was introduced by Amazon in 2007, who quickly sold their entire stock of the device leaving their warehouse shelves empty for months.

That same first generation Kindle had 1/4th of the features the current generation boasts, and set you back three times the price of the latest device available for purchase today.

It didn’t matter, though, because it was the first time book collectors everywhere were abandoning their physical novels for the eco-friendly digital alternative.


Many avid readers may feel uneasy about trading their paperbacks for an eReader, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

If you’ve ever tried reading a book on a computer you’ll that know after a couple hours of looking at a screen your head will begin to hurt due to the bright light reflecting off of the monitor.

This does not happen on a Paperwhite – here’s why: This eReader doesn’t boast a flashy and bright screen, instead it uses an advanced 6-inch electronic ink display designed specifically for comfort and ease on your eyes. 

But what if you want to read on a long trip? Surely a reading computer would need to be charged numerous times over a week. Fear not! This device lasts up to 8 weeks on a single charge, long enough to burn through an entire series by your favorite author.

Price? It’s budget friendly. With prices starting at just $119 you will have more than enough left over to download all your favorites.

You can fit over a thousand books onto Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, with room to spare. No more wasted space in your suitcase for your books!

kindle paperwhite vs kindle fire

Speaking from personal experience; I could never go back to reading physical books now that I have my Kindle Paperwhite.

I do still collect books because I enjoy collecting them, but the reading experience on my eReader is significantly more enjoyable.

  • I can read without any lights on thanks to the adjustable backlit e-ink display
  • I don’t lose my place – the device automatically remembers exactly where I left off
  • I can highlight my favorite passages or quotes which the Kindle saves to a text file for me to copy to my computer

Getting The Complete Tablet Experience

Kindle Fire HDX Vs Kindle Paperwhite

On the other hand, buying the Kindle Fire HDX accomplishes something completely different.

Though you can read books on the Kindle Fire, it’s not tailor made for a heightened reading experience the same way the Kindle Paperwhite is.

Instead, buying a tablet essentially provides you with a  touchscreen computer more mobile than a laptop.

You would choose the Kindle Fire HDX for:

  • Access to the latest Android apps and games
  • Watching movies and online videos
  • Checking email, online banking, and anything else you would want to use a computer for

 Fire HDX Compared with Kindle Paperwhite

KindleKindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite Vs Kindle HDXKindle Fire HDXFire HDX Vs Papewhite
E InK DisplayYesNo
App SupportNoYes
Watch VideosNoYes
Listen to MusicNoYes
Check EmailNoYes
Create DocumentsNoYes
Battery2 Months9 hours

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Kindle Fire – Who Wins?

You do.

If you want to buy a device strictly for reading, the clear answer is to buy the Kindle Paperwhite. Reading books is the sole purpose of the Paperwhite. If you aren’t a frequent reader, don’t buy the Paperwhite.

If you want a tablet for experiencing apps, movies, music, games, and all that other fun tablet stuff, you have to choose the Kindle Fire.

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