The Definitive Guide to Taking Care of Your Tablet

The Definitive Guide to Taking Care of Your Tablet


Choosing the Best Tablet Case

Getting a tablet can be a very exciting time for you but there are many things you need to know in order to take care of it to ensure the best performance possible over time.

Protect your tablet! Perhaps the most important thing you can do to make it last an eternity is to buy a case for it. While looking for a case there are a few things you need to be aware of; durability, price, snugness, and maintenance.

The durability of a tablet case is an essential piece of the puzzle. Cases can consist of different types of rubber, – hard and soft – plastics, medals or fabrics. Of course the type of preferred material depends on each person and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Hard and soft rubbers offer protection by way of allowing for a softer impact if dropped on a hard surface. The rubber disperses the force of the impact over a long period of time and throughout the entire case. These cases are on the cheaper end of the scale but offer more than sufficient protection depending on the type of rubber you purchase.

Metal cases offer a study feel to them but when dropped give the danger of denting and hurting your tablet. These are usually the most expensive ranging from $40-80.

Plastic cases are somewhere in between rubber and metal offering impact resistance but also the danger of cracking or breaking. It may protect your tablet when you drop it, but the case itself will most likely be destroyed and buying a single quality case is much better than buying a dozen cheap ones.

Now as fabrics go they look nice and actually offer a surprising amount of protection. A leather case with a softer inside shell acts like a sponge around your tablet giving it a softer landing if dropped. These usually cost you around $30-60, which considering how well they protect would be a good investment.

But the type of material your case is made of doesn’t matter much if it doesn’t fit your tablet. Be wary of buying cases that require you to slide your tablet into it rather than having the case snap tight to the back. Cases that have a minimal amount of space between your tablet and the case itself have much better results than ones that are simply holding pouches and are subject to sliding out if held at the wrong angle. That being said, be sure to purchase a tablet that will have a cloth interior so if dust gets in the back of your tablet won’t be scratched.

Once you have a case you need to go about taking care of your tablet as a whole. A lot of people think the first thing they need to buy is a screen protector for their tablet or phone, but don’t go rushing off to the store just yet. While screen protectors have been necessary in the past to prevent scratches or smudges, the types of glass used in tablets has received an enormous upgrade. Now, tablets come with screen protectors essentially built in with the additions of Gorilla Glass and Asahi Glass. Both of these new glass providers give tablets and phones durable screens that are very resistant to cracks, scratches, and smudges from fingerprints. When buying online you can look at review sites to determine which glass is used in which tablets, or just go to the nearest electronic store like BestBuy and ask someone there.

If your screen does get dirty and you can’t simply rub it off with your hand, the best way to clean a tablet’s screen is to use a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning cloth that comes with most cameras. Both of these cloths are very cheap and readily available online.


Finally comes the battery life of your tablet. A lot of people don’t really think about their battery life until after a couple months they can’t use their tablet or laptop without having it constantly plugged in. In order make your tablet’s battery perform to its full potential there is a simply trick to keep in mind.

Don’t wait until your tablet dies to charge the battery! Think of it like driving a car in the red until the engine gives out, your battery being depleted completely each time before you charge it will reduce the life of it significantly. The best way to keep your battery fresh is to charge your tablet once it gets to around 20% of its battery. This keeps the charge from wearing out over time and will allow you to keep your tablet running smoothly without overheating for months or years depending on how often you use it.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll keep your tablet looking like the day you bought it for a long time!

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