Which Tablet Should I Buy?

Which Tablet Should I Buy?

 Which Tablet Should I Buy?

This is the ultimate question, the final part of the tablet research process. With the wide selection of tablet PCs out there, choosing just one can feel like an intimidating process. Do you want the ultra-popular iPad? The sleek Kindle Fire? An Android tablet? Let’s find out. Read on to discover which tablet you should buy today.

Should I Buy an iPad?


The Apple iPad is the most popular tablet in the world, by a big stretch – it holds the crown.

There’s a reason why hundreds of thousands people, in your same situation, decided to buy  the iPad over  its competition. Let’s go through the top 3 reasons you should buy an iPad now:

1. The Apps

Apple’s App store contains over 425,000 different applications (100,000 of which are iPad compatible) spanning multiple categories including Games, Business, News, Education, Sports, Health, and Travel.

Apps allow you to add new features to your tablet for a small price, or better yet, free. With a selection of 100,00 to choose from, there is little left which the iPad can’t do.

Other tablets also feature app functionality (See: Android Tablets), but none to the level of the iPad.


2.  The Looks

The iPad hits it out of the park in terms of design. The tablet is thin, light, and sleek, with a touchscreen that makes virtual typing easy. This is yet another category which the iPad leads the pack.

There aren’t exactly many ugly tablets for sale, so this isn’t some unique feature the iPad has, but the iPad does it right. Because the device is so popular, it also has the widest amount of accessory support; you’re guaranteed to find any accessory you need for the iPad. The same can’t always be said for other tablet brands.

3. The Customer Support

Apple is a company known for their awesome customer support. Walk into any Apple Store across the globe and their smart staff will help you fix your problem instantly. If customer service/support is a factor in your tablet buying decision – you should buy an iPad.

So, Should You Buy an iPad?

Here’s the thing: the iPad is unarguably the best “one size fits all” tablet PC. Unless you have a special preference for another brand, the iPad is perfect for you. You won’t regret buying an iPad.

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Should I Buy an Android Tablet?


The Android tablet is very much the geeky brother to the iPad. It’s not as popular, slightly more complicated, and has more technical interests. They have things in common, such as their respective app stores, but at the same time they are different.

  1. Hardware variety. Because Android is simply the operating system (software) the tablet runs, there are many different companies who make their own Android tablets. This creates a wider selection of tablets to choose from.
  2. Power. You can buy some pretty beefy Android tablets. Although the interface won’t be as polished as the iPad, in a straight up horse race, the Android usually wins.
  3. Price. Point #1 introduced the hardware variety concept, this is a benefit of that. Because there are many Android tablets, companies are forced to competitively lower their prices. This can result in some good deals for Android fans.

Because Android talk is more technical than the other tablets, we’ve split added more details about Android tablets here.

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Should I Buy a Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a sweet spot combination between the Android, and the iPad tablets. This is a cheap tablet that doesn’t skimp on quality. If you’re buying a tablet on a budget, the Kindle Fire should be a top consideration.

Kindle Fire Games

The Kindle Fire can be summed up in a single paragraph, which speaks to the simplicity of the tablet. It is an affordable, well featured tablet, dead easy to use. It has apps, movies, music, books, and the list goes on. It is the ultimate value tablet PC.

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What are My Other Options?

More Tablets

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